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for a speech on the economy on his economic plan. according to the latest polling average, president obama holds a % lead in this state. this is about 35 minutes. ♪ >> hello everybody, how are you doing? you live in iowa and you live in a battleground state. let me say that again because i don't think i've said that in all the years i've been in politics. we're a battleground state this year and that makes it very important. and i'm glad i have the opportunity to welcome the next president of the united states. and i know it's cool and you feel the chill but also you feel the momentum of romney being the next president of the united states. [applause] now you folks all know people who voted four years ago for president obama. you know that he promised partisanship and to reduce the deficit by half, that he was going to give us accountable government, that he was going to reduce your health insurance by $2500. today we have would have 5 and 6% unemployment instead of 8 and 9%. that was all part of economic recovery, wasn't it? this president has not delivered on his promised of 2008 and t
the national poll average house president obama leading the state by four points after being up by 10 points earlier this month. this is about 35 minutes. [applause] >> greetings everybody, how exciting is this? [applause] how great is it to be a michigan republican today? [applause] we have some distinguished guests with us i'd like to recognize. lieutenant brian kelly. -- lt. gov. brian kelly. the next united states senator from michigan. pete hoekstra. our soon to be representative in the 11th congressional district, county commissioner laura cox and the mayor and sheriff. [applause] before i introduce our special guests the great friend of michigan former first lady laura bush was not only a strong -- laura bush, who is not only a strong advocate for women's health issues but she's made a global awareness to the all the world women's health. she should be acknowledged for that. [applause] along with her very tender and soft voice for aids awareness on a global basis. she started in 2007 the laura bush institute for women's health. and with dignity on behalf of all of america was so suppo
in iowa? guest: that's a really big deal in iowa. barack obama, if you look at the polling data, he has built a pretty significant lead among women voters. these are issues women care a lot about. barack obama is directly addressing them, directly saying, if you want your rights as a woman to plan your own life, your rights as a woman, to table to assert yourself, you better vote for me, because mitt romney will rein in those rights. that issue resonates very strongly around iowa. women voters can make a difference in this election. if you look at polling, the polling among male voters is pretty even. among women voters, barack obama has a pretty strong lead. this election in iowa and in many other states, i think, is going to be a turn out game -- who can get their voters to the polls on election day. barack obama, to say, i have a lead with women voters, so let's make sure we get them out on election day and let's give them a reason to show up. this is what he thinks is the reason women will show up and vote for employer. host: a story in the quad city times -- iowa is the focus of ou
: it is a close race. not quite. -- not quite 50/50. if you average of the polling, president obama has a two point or three point lead. we have not had new polling in the last week. the phrase in the public polling merrill's. it has -- the race in the public polling varies. the lead was of santo in the first part of the -- substantial in the first part of the year. it opened up after the convention when president obama thought this convention bounce. you saw a lot of narrowing here and in other states. in the context of the battle ground, we are one of the states for president obama among the 8 or 9 states being contested. there is a potential fire wall for president obama as you look at ohio, wisconsin, nevada, and iowa. half of the states are close. we are seeing the eighth years republican effort to lift wisconsin. -- we are seeing a fight on the republican side to lift wisconsin. mitt romney b.o.p. here monday. president obama will be here to stay and -- mitt romney will be here monday and president obama will be here tuesday. it is an interesting debate over what the recall told us abou
obama campaigns in petersburg, vir. the latest real clear polling average shows a statistical tie between president obama and republican presidential candidate mitt romney from virginia state university, just south of rich mopped, this is about 40 minutes. [captioning performed by national captioning institute] [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2012] >> thank you all. thank you so much. i'm beyond thrilled to be here. four more days. four more days. but before we get started. in light of what's been going on with our weather situation and here on the east coast, i want to take a moment to talk about the devastating storm that is affecting so many communities, including some right here in virginia. like all of you, barack and i, we are heart broken for all those who lost loved ones in this storm. and of course our thoughts and prayers are with everyone who has been affected. as you've been see, barack has been working tirelessly with governor, mayors and our outstanding first responders to make sure that everything folks need is right there and they do their job. s
game for mitt romney there in ohio. the latest average of polls as obama up by a little over two points out there in ohio. where do you see the race? guest: we are showing mitt romney up a couple of points. i think it is all within the margin of error so it really comes down to getting out the vote with the individuals. i am very confident with our ground game. going through the 2004 election with president bush and senator kerry, i never thought i would see another race like that in a high of. this one is far exceeding its. the intensive level is greater than even 2004. host: we are talking to the ohio republican party chairman bob bennett. if you have questions for him or about the republican party or just want to learn about the state of ohio, give us a call. talk about at what point you saw romney start to move out there in ohio. i have a list of polls. there have been about 31 polls in the month of october and only about four show romney ahead. four others showed the race tied. you say mitt romney is ahead in your tracking polls. guest: i think the model most of them are using is t
Search Results 0 to 6 of about 7 (some duplicates have been removed)